"It belongs in a museum!"

Old man moves younger man's website on to modern infrastructure - be shocked to find both men are one, just 25 years apart!

"It belongs in a museum!"

So I did something rather absurd, because, well.. I can

I just moved my oldest remaining part of my "web presence" - the oldest and obviously untouched (cf the title :P) part, aka "ultima.thatfleminggent.com"

I've had it for what seems to be forever, otherwise untouched aside moving it between servers. It was put together originally in 1997 (where it lived at www.powerup.com/~mfleming/ultima.html :D) and updated literally the day after the new millenium:

  • I was in my late 20's, an awkward unemployed geek with too much time on his hands
  • It was hand-rolled in pure HTML and some basic Javascript (to power the "Bard Box" - it played MIDIs using a Netscape plugin commonly used at the time.). It was even part of a "web ring" (as was the style at the time :D)
  • I was quite proud of my work and spent a lot of time checking it for validity and standards (HTML 4.0 Transitional!)
  • Tools used was a simple copy of Notepad to write it (I couldn't afford fancy site creation tools like HotDog Pro!) and WS-FTP to upload it via FTP to my ISP. It cost me naught but time - thankfully the only thing that took time were the archives of stuff like Windowmaker themes, a fortune(1) collection ...
  • ...and of course the reason for it's existence - and it's continued hosting across MANY hosts - was the Ultima IV zip file (untouched from it's original copy from an old magazine long since lost to time) and the stories that birthed it's presence and why aside from the good folks at GOG.COM us old Ultima Dragons are the legal distributors of that archive.

Now it's been brought into the truly modern world:

  • I am now 50 years old, have a couple of decades of experience in IT (I do mainly AWS stuff now) but are still awkward, though not as much. I don't have as much time on my hands as I did back then, but I've touched grass AND boobs :D
  • The website has been untouched in terms of content. It's gone from cool to lame to kitsch to retro and is circling around again as fashion does.
  • It didn't need an FTP client to copy it at 3kb per second over dial up this time. It's transfer was less than a few seconds via AWS CLI
  • It's now sitting on an S3 bucket host in Sydney AWS, with a CloudFront distribution to provide the SSL (gotta have HTTPS in these modern times, and not the lame 56bit export shit from the late 90s either. Hooray for hyperreal.nl back then :D
  • Oh and of course I had to use infrastructure-as-code, given it's the done thing in these modern times - all of the new stuff built in hand-rolled Terraform :D
  • To hopefully avoid some hard-crash or fat-finger rendering it sent into history, I've also committed the site into Git :D

All these mod-cons of 2023 to keep a broken old site from 1999, and moved painlessly to boot

I wonder what a mid-20s me would think!? :D

What a time to be alive :D